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Are you looking for a freelance SEO expert in NYC? If you said YES! then you're at the right place; obsessed with helping business grow. if you have a particular keyword in mind and are looking for 1st ranking on Google 1st page.

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One-Time SEO Optimization

Outrank your competitors with our expertise. Increase your on-line brand presence. High ROI-driven services.

Promotion and optimization of the site by SEO Expert NYC is a set of works aimed at attracting targeted visitors to your site by displaying and retaining links to the site in the TOP-10 of Yahoo and Google on search terms.

  • Promote the site in the top 10 Bing, Yahoo and Google.
  • We attract target customers from Google 100+ regions.
  • With financial guarantees of the result.
  • With free targeted visitors.
  • Under your 100% control.

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Ksk Seo Expert Nyc

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Ksk Seo Expert Nyc

SEO Services

Work on one-time optimization for small sites.

One-time SEO-optimization will help your site to rank correctly in the search engines. Brilliant reference strategy, instantly opening pages, convenient design - all this will be in vain if your site is not technically ready for promotion. One-time optimization from SEO Expert NYC will solve these problems.

Get The Job Done With A NYC SEO Freelancer. Work With An SEO Expert On sathees seoSEOEXPERTNYC Today! Get Personalized Assistance. Steps: Post A Job To Tell Us About Your Project, Browse Profiles, Reviews And Proposals, Use The SEO Expert NYC Platform, Invoicing And Payments Happen Through SEO Expert NYC.

Outrank your competitors with our expertise.

  • No commitment obligations.
  • Certified Digital Marketing Services.
  • More traffic, leads and calls.
  • More Revenue! Personal attention.

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When you need one-time SEO-optimization?

  • You just start the site and you need to make it feel good in the search engines.
  • Your site is not ranked in the search.
  • You have a small assortment on the site, but you need to expand the number of requests for promotion.
  • Want to get the most traffic without buying links.
  • Constantly pay for the promotion there is no budget.
  • You need to optimize the site in one to two months.

Our team of SEO professionals has a huge experience in eliminating technical errors and in collecting the semantic kernel. We will make search engines love your site.

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Composition of work on one-time SEO-optimization.

sathees seo is the #1 search engine optimization expert in New York City. WhatsApp Now +91 9842021911.

Technical audit

  • Setting up a site for correct ranking in Yahoo.Webmaster
  • Setting up the region in Google.Webmaster
  • Adding a site to Google Analytics
  • Robots.txt validation
  • Checking the structure for adequacy
  • Checking the correctness of the CNC
  • Completeness of indexing in Yahoo
  • Fullness of indexing in Google
  • Check for spam
  • Analyzing external links
  • Checking the settings of the server response codes (200, 404, 500)
  • Check for duplicate pages
  • Check for duplicates of meta tags
  • Checking the HTML code of the site, for compliance with the requirements of search engines

Content audit

  • Checking the design of the contact page
  • Checking the HTML forms on the site
  • Checking the correctness of the placement of prices on the site
  • Checking the correctness of placing reviews on the site
  • Checking the correctness of posting news on the site
  • General assessment of the convenience of interfaces, gross errors
  • Checking the content of the site for spam (to avoid sanctions on the part of search engines)
  • Checking the content for uniqueness with the help of specialized services

Audit of commercial ranking factors

sathees seo is well-known SEO expert in NYC, USA. You can Hire Me today for all your online marketing business needs and get the best search engine optimization in NYC city solution for your website.

  • Checking the group of factors "customer service": the completeness of contact information, the correctness of information about guarantees, and so on.
  • Checking the group of factors "trust" - checking the correctness of the information on the product cards, listing the categories, as well as "service" pages "About Us", "Faces of the Company" and others.
  • Checking the group of factors "assortment" - the correspondence of the goods on the listings to the headings and content of the listings, checking the sufficiency of the range for ranking.

Why is it worth to order one-time SEO-optimization from us?

Freelance SEO Expert NYC, USA. I work with businesses of all sizes helping them increase both traffic and conversions at an affordable price.

Team of analysts

Each project is not just an optimizer, but a whole team: on strategic issues, the head of the group and the head of the SEO department participate in all the promotion work.

No templates!

Errors on different sites need to be looked for differently. And tasks for correcting errors will also look different. You will receive personalized recommendations, not a sample checklist.

We will not leave you!

After completing the work on one-time SEO optimization, you will receive up to three hours of consulting. You can come to our office and we will tell you about all the further steps for your project.

Link Optimizer

Working with SEO Expert NYC you can always contact directly with the optimizer who is working on your project. No chains of managers and a "spoiled phone"!

All works are on time

For each project we have a clear time-plan and a list of works. We estimate in advance the complexity of the tasks and voice the real deadlines.

Successful cases

We have a large number of implemented projects for one-time SEO optimization. Many customers after the implementation of edits on our recommendations increased the traffic of their projects by more than 200%!Get Free Quotes. Hire Proven SEO Experts NYC. Anytime, Anywhere! 24/7 Support.

One-time SEO-optimization is suitable for the following sites:

We are a best seo freelancer Expert in NYC offering guaranteed results to clients who are looking for better services at affordable rates.

  • Commercial sites / service sites
  • Sites-catalogs of goods
  • Small online shops

Website Promotion On Traffic

Traffic determines the success of the site - the more users visit it, the more effective the promotion and the quality of the resource. This is a key marker of the popularity of the site. Another question is whether the traffic is targeted and whether the owner of the resource manages to convert it into customers, customers and regular users.Search Engine Optimizer NYC EXPERT is a SEO Freelancer Consultant offering website designing and digital marketing services in NYC.

Traffic Promotion - What Is It?

The marker for the success of classic SEO are the site's positions in the TOP-3 and TOP-10 search engines. In the case of traffic promotion, the effectiveness indicator is an increase in the number of visitors to the site for a certain period of time (day, week, month, year). The difference from the promotion of the positions in the indicators: the client pays for traffic, and not for finding a resource in the TOP-10, for example, for high-frequency keywords. The optimizer develops a strategy in such a way as to obtain the most targeted traffic.

Seo Advantages Of Website Promotion On Traffic

  • Payment for the result - users who came to the site from search engines;
  • Growth of customers and customers (if the target audience is given and the site is developed);
  • The top positions of the site in the TOP-10 of the search issue immediately on several requests;
  • Possibility to optimize expenses for SEO promotion;
  • Convenience of control performed by the optimizer.

But there is also a disadvantage: it is difficult to check whether the target audience is brought to your site and what methods the optimizer uses. There is always a risk of getting "extras" who accidentally got to you from "advertising traps". In this case, promotion will not give tangible results in the form of leads, the growth in the number of customers and buyers.

SEO Expert in NYC: Full Time Local SEO Expert in NYC. Get your SEO done from the qualified top SEO Expert in NYC.

Promotion Of A Site On Traffic In SEO Expert NYC

We guarantee the effectiveness of the promotion strategies used. A visual result for the client is not only in the form of traffic growth, but also in the form of extracting real benefits from it - calls, orders, purchases. We quote the target audience, which is interested in the goods, services of your company or information site materials. How we are working:

  • We conduct technical audit and usability of the site;
  • We are developing a strategy for promotion and optimization of the resource;
  • We select the queries for which we will get the targeted traffic most quickly;
  • At the same time, we are working to promote the site and increase the conversion of pages;
  • We guarantee white SEO without cheating traffic and "extras".

The cost of advancement on traffic is calculated individually - the price depends on the location (Moscow or regions), type of site, level of competition and a number of other facts. Show us your site and set tasks - let's call the exact cost and offer the best solution for promotion. Call or leave a request - let's discuss the project!

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